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How Do I Get the Pictures to Show at the Top of the Start Screen?
Tap on the name of the gamer in the list to enter the edit screen. From there, tap check box that says Include in Favorite. Tap Done and the picture of that gamer will be in you favorites list.

The favorites list can only hold 10 gamers at a time, so once you reach 10, you will first need to uncheck a gamer to replace that him or her with a new one.

How Do I See a Gamer's Online Profile?
This feature only applies to XBox LIVE gamers. Once you add a gamer to the XBox Live network, you will see a blue circle with an arrow to the right of the gamertag. Tap that arrow to open up the gamer's only profile. You will need to log in using a valid XBox LIVE account (which you can create for free on the XBox LIVE Website.)

How Do I Keep My Contacts App in Sync with Gamer Tags
Unfortunately, this cannot be done automatically so once you update a person in Contacts; just tap on the address book icon in Gamer Tags to update that person's name or picture.?

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