These application are for entertainment purposes only. Hardware or software issues may prevent the applications from working properly or may lead to lost data.

No guarantee, express or implied, is made by the creator of these applications that the applications will function properly at all times and on all devices. Technical issues will exist, including, but not limited to: Internet connectivity issues; issues introduced by iOS updates; outdated or unsupported software; operating systems, processors, or platforms, and or corrupted infected or otherwise compromised computer systems.

The creator of these application is not responsible for resolving issues which reside on the end users local system. The end user of these, or any one of these, application uses the application(s) at his own risk.

The creator of these applications is no way responsible for any:
third party costs you may incur while using the application(s);
damages for lost time, wages, and reputation, punitive or otherwise while using the application(s);
repair or replacement of perceived hardware or software damage that may occur while using the application(s).

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